Firefighter Wholetime Duty System

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Firefighter Wholetime Duty System

The role of a firefighter is about more than just fighting fires. This is only part of what a firefighter does. Just as important is our work preventing fires and accidents from happening and this means working in the community, talking to people, listening, teaching, helping, getting involved and developing new solutions.

Fire fighters advise people on fire prevent, escape routes and hazards at home and in business. Firefighters visit schools, teach and work with children to raise awareness of dangers like fireworks and matches. Firefighters get involved in their communities, encourage safety initiatives and also inspect buildings to make sure they meet fire safety regulations.

Much of the role involves working with the public, this means you need good communication skills whether your’re visiting peoples’ home to provide fire advice, dealing with and emergency or organising a team. You need to be able to listen to people, empathise and make yourself understood. In some instances you may have to deal firmly but politely, with people getting in the way of rescue work or at the scene of an emergency.

You need composure and understanding to be a front-line firefighter. You may need to react quickly in a crisis, or communicate vital information with clarity. You also need to enjoy working as part of a team. Much of the role involves working together which means being considerate, resourceful, innovative and decisive.

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