So you think you want to be a firefighter?

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A firefighter tackles a barn fireFirefighter - we want you!

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Are you genuinely interested in people?
  • Can you get on with people from different backgrounds and cultures?
  • Have you worked as part of a close knit team?
  • Can you work under pressure without letting the rest of your team down?
  • Can you think on your feet and solve problems when you know a lot depends on the suggestions you come up with?
  • Do you have the sensitivity to deal with members of the public when they are distressed or confused?
  • Can you take responsibility for representing the Brigade when you are at work and when you are not?
  • Are you committed to always maintaining and developing your skills?
  • Are you prepared to study on top of your normal working day?
  • Are you prepared for the demands of working in a disciplined uniformed service in which you will have to take orders from other people?
  • Are you committed to maintaining your physical fitness?
  • Is regular exercise a part of your everyday life?
  • Are you prepared to work day and night shifts, evenings, weekends, public holidays?
  • Are you a practical person who likes to work with their hands and with equipment?
  • Do you enjoy making things or finding out how things work?
  • Are you someone who can always be relied on to be somewhere on time?
  • Are you someone that others see as dependable?
  • Are you prepared commit a minimum of 14 weeks of your life to your initial residential training with no time off for holidays?
  • Are you prepared to work outside for several hours in all types of weather? When it is wet and cold and you don't know when a job might finish?
  • Are you someone who can cope with routine, knowing that you may have to do the same things at the same time on most days?

If you gave a yes to all of the above, and can give good examples to back your answers up we would like to hear from you in our next recruitment campaign.

Further information

Human Resources Department

Telephone: 01743 260 200