Personal development and training

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Personal Development and Training

All core training activity for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service operational staff takes place at various training facilities across the county. The largest of these venues is the Training and Development Centre in Telford, where we also deliver many other courses, such as management development.

In addition to core training, there is a need to provide specialist training to specific individuals and teams. The majority of training is provided by dedicated instructors, assisted by a team of Associate Trainers.

All training activity is co-ordinated and administered by Administration staff based at the Training and Development Centre. Also based at the Centre, is the Services' Development Team who are responsible for supporting newly qualified firefighters through their development phase and to ensure the ongoing maintenance of competence of operational staff.

Wherever possible, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service explore the possibilities of collaborative working with other agencies to enhance the effectiveness of and provide a realistic approach to training and development.


Career Development Booklet

The information contained in the Career Development Booklet provides an overview of the career path from the point of entry to the operational service to strategic level management.

All information provided in the booklet is correct at the time of publication. The contents of the booklet may, from time to time, change in response to organisational strategies. The booklet will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis in January each year.

Further information

Training and Development Department

Telephone: 01952 293 568