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The Development Team, based at the Training and Development Centre in Telford, support one component of the national IPDS framework by supporting the development of newly qualified firefighters and monitoring ongoing competence of operational staff at all levels through workplace assessment.

Once newly appointed fire fighters have completed their initial training they spend a period of time settling into their new roles before beginning the development phase of their training. Currently, for wholetime fire fighters, this results in the award of a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).

The team also provide valuable support to watch based assessors, ensuring consistency of assessment across the organisation.

Those who have completed their development phase identify their development needs through the use of Individual Development Records IDRs which are, in turn, monitored by the Development Team. In addition to IDRs, development needs for future improvement will normally be identified through Individual Performance and Development Reviews (IPDRs) conducted with line managers.

The team is also responsible for quality assurance of the workplace assessment process for all managerial levels. This process has been designed for newly promoted operational employees to be assessed against the standards for their new role whilst in development for that role. Once competence against the standards has been achieved, competent pay is awarded.


Career Development Booklet

The information contained in the Career Development Booklet provides an overview of the career path from the point of entry to the operational service to strategic level management.

All information provided in the booklet is correct at the time of publication. The contents of the booklet may, from time to time, change in response to organisational strategies. The booklet will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis in January each year.

Further information

Training and Development Department

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