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Brigade Orders are the policies and procedures which determine how Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service operates.

Brigade orders are published under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act. Only those orders identified in our Publication Scheme are available here.

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Title Category Order Part
Flexible Working Requests Human resources 5 Part 14
Flexible Duty System Officers response and standby arrangements Operations new edition 4 Part 11
Fires in farm vehicles (radiation hazards) Operations new edition 12 Part 3
Fires in agricultural silos Operations new edition 12 Part 6
Flooding in Shrewsbury Town Operations new edition 17 Part 2
Foam Unit Technical 1 Part 8
Froggy Floating Pump Technical 2 Part 7
Firefighting Uniform Technical 5 Part 1
Fire Helmets Technical 5 Part 2
Fireboots Technical 5 Part 3