Integrated Risk Management

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Fire prevention and community fire safety. Installing smoke alarms through Shropshire with the help of partnerships such as nursing staff.


What is Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP)?

Following changes made by Government in 2004, all fire authorities are required to produce Integrated Risk Management Plans (IRMP's) which should clearly state how they intend to ensure they use the fire and rescue service resources, most effectively, to reduce risk in their area.

This requires each fire authority to take account of locally identified needs, rather than being governed by national prescription, as was used previously. An annual IRMP Action Plan must also be developed, through consultation with all appropriate stakeholders, which includes the improvements to the service the fire authority intends to make over the coming twelve months, in order for it to meet the ambitions stated in its IRMP.

This approach has been warmly welcomed by Shropshire and Wrekin Fire and Rescue Authority and is viewed as an opportunity which will enable us to reduce, even further, the distress and misery caused by fire and other emergencies in our communities.

The Authority’s IRMP and IRMP Action Plans exist to support it’s vision of "putting Shropshire's safety first" and it’s purpose to "Save and protect life, property and the environment from fire and other emergencies".