Planning and Performance

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The Planning and Performance department is split into two teams, the Planning and Programme Office and the Performance Information Office. There are cross over responsibilities between the two but the main focus of the whole department covers three primary areas:

  • Programme/Project management and audit,
  • Strategic planning, communication and consultation
  • Information, data, statistics and geographical information

The Planning and Programme office is a corporate function which offers support and guidance in adherence with nationally prescribed standards and recognised areas of best practice including:

  • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)
  • Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2)
  • Management of Risk (MOR)

In addition the department co-ordinates and supports audits and assessments, Performance Management processes, Information Management (including freedom of information requests), Partnership Assessment, Communication and Consultation (including maintenance of the Service Website), Programme and Project Management processes (including the Shrewsbury Headquarters move).

The department also assists Service Performance Group in the co-ordination of the strategic planning process and the subsequent publication of the Fire Authority’s plans.

The Performance Information Office is an information hub. Officers support staff at all levels of the organisation with statistics and intelligence. Responsibilities include ensuring that fire crews have up to date mapping and special risk information at their fingertips, and that our control room is able to make accurate and timely mobilising decisions.

Occasionally, unforeseen events require quick analysis for geographical knowledge to support operational decision-making. Examples include:

  • The loss of a bridge and a major road route in an out of a Shropshire town could potentially have compromised our response to the affected areas. The Performance Information department was able to predict the modified levels of cover within a few hours, thus allowing operational teams to ensure continuity of cover
  • A major loss of water supply and fire hydrants in South Shropshire and North Worcestershire required input from the Performance Information department to predict optimum locations for the redeployment of heavy pumping appliances to ensure water was available for fire fighting in the affected areas

The Performance Information department also plays a major part in strategic planning by supporting the Public Value/IRMP process. It uses the available intelligence data and statistical performance data to aid long term planning using a wide variety of geographical information systems and analytical skills. Recent examples have included detailed analysis as part of fire cover reviews in Telford and Shrewsbury.