Performance Assessment

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The coalition government expect public services to reflect localism, decentralisation, transparency, accountability and the “Big Society” in its business processes and functions. In August 2010, Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government announced the abolition of the Audit Commission. Subsequently, he also announced a move from the enforcement of national indicators. This creates the opportunity to introduce community focused public value measures.

The Authority has developed measures defined as Public Value Measures which are aligned to four overarching strategic aims which are designed to be simple, relevant and meaningful, and, perhaps most importantly, easily understood by the community. In total there are eight measures that collectively enable the community and Members to monitor how the Service manages:

  • Its operations (responding to, and reducing incidents and consequential deaths and injuries); and
  • The business (providing a safe, competent, quality workforce that represents value for money).

The Authority is subject to scrutiny through internal and external audit which is reported and monitored by Officers and the Fire Authority.


Archived Performance Assessment information

Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA)

Comprehensive Area Assessment, or CAA, is a new way of assessing local public services in England. It examines how well councils are working together with other public bodies to meet the needs of the people they serve.

CAA provides an independent assessment of how well people are being served by their local public services. It focuses on how well these services, working together, are achieving improvement and progressing towards long-term goals. At its heart is a new area assessment in which inspectors will provide their joint view on the short, medium and long-term prospects for better results for local people. This will be linked to assessments of the performance and value for money provided by the individual public bodies serving the area carried out by the relevant inspectorates.

For further general information on the CAA process please visit the Audit Commission website.

Fire and Rescue Service Performance Assessment

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Fire Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) in 2005 assessed how well fire services were delivering fire and rescue services for local people and communities. The Commission gave each FRA a corporate assessment rating of excellent, good, fair, weak or poor. FRAs were assessed against local and national priorities in the context of the challenges faced by the service in meeting the needs of their communities. Fire CPA results were published in July 2005. Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority obtained a rating of “Good” in the CPA regime.

In May 2007 the Commission published an overall assessment of how the fire service had improved during 2006 in Fire and Rescue Performance Assessment: Scores and Analysis of Performance in Fire and Rescue Authorities 2006. This showed that fire and rescue services are continuing to respond positively to the challenges of fire modernisation and improvement. Greater emphasis is now placed on fire prevention and community safety.

In January 2008 and 2009 the Audit Commission released their scores and analysis of the previous year’s assessments, these can found on the Audit Commission website

The Performance Assessment breaks into separate elements:

  • Direction of Travel assesses improvement or deterioration in performance. The assessment is outcome-focused and is informed by findings from the following two assessments of the fire and rescue authority
  • Use of Resources, which assesses the authority's performance across a range of financial themes including the Fire and Rescue Authority's (FRA) arrangements for providing value for money, and provides a scored assessment on these.
  • A scored fire and rescue service assessment which has an emphasis on service delivery and includes a performance information element and an operational assessment of service delivery (OASD) (provided by Communities and Local Government (CLG)).

To view the Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority Fire and rescue performance assessment results for 2008 please visit the Audit Commission website.