Performance Management

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Performance Management can be summed up in terms of how capacity, resources and people are managed in order to deliver the Authority’s ambitions.

It is an iterative process aimed at the continuous improvement of performance involving the four key principles of measurement, appraisal, action and monitoring.

Shropshire & Wrekin Fire Authority have considered these principles in order to complement the Strategic Planning Process. The measurement phase has involved the establishment of key performance indicators to support the Authority’s overarching strategic aims and objectives. A suite of nationally prescribed Best Value Performance Indicators (BVPI’s), coupled with local performance indicators enables the Authority to assess progress against its aims and objectives in order to deliver its vision of putting Shropshire’s safety first.

Performance against high level indicators is monitored by the service’s Policy Group and the authority’s Audit and Performance Management Committee (AandPMC) on a quarterly basis. In addition, performance reports are produced on a quarterly basis for district officers to disseminate onto stations via Retained Support Officers (RSO) and District Support Officers (DSO). Performance reports allow managers to appraise performance and identify both good and poor performance and taking appropriate action when necessary.

The final element is to then monitor the changes that have been put in place ensuring that those changes made are effective, and have made the necessary impact in order to improve performance.