Car fires

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Please note: This safety advice is offered as guidance only. If in doubt, Get out, Stay out and get the Fire and Rescue Service out!


If fire breaks out!

  • Stop the car
  • Switch off the engine
  • Release the bonnet but do not open
  • Get everyone out of the vehicle and stay well away
  • Dial 999 and ask for the the Fire and Rescue Service
  • Warn oncoming traffic
  • If you believe it is safe to do so use a dry powder or foam extinguisher (BS EN3). Do not open the bonnet if the fire is in the engine compartment, but aim the extinguisher through the radiator grille or under the edge of the bonnet. If in doubt do not tackle

Never use water on an engine fire - it can short out wiring and spread burning petrol



Remember - Think first about personal safety

Think and act quickly in the safest way:

  • Prevent fires by checking wiring for wear and damage, fuel lines for wear and unreliable connections
  • Never use welding equipment near fuel tanks or feed lines
  • Dispose of smoker's materials carefully and never leave matches or lighters where children can reach them
  • Prevent your vehicle from becoming an arson statistic by parking in well-lit places and not leaving the key in the ignition at anytime you are away from the vehicle
  • Close all windows and roofs and secure all doors on leaving the vehicle
  • Hide property or take it with you
  • Report abandoned cars to the police or your local authority

Further information

Community Fire Safety

Telephone: 01743 260 200