Chemical safety in the home

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We use chemicals in the home everyday; from cleaning fluids, paint, plant food and fuels. Even our homes contain chemicals within plastics used for insulation and flooring.


How to recognise chemicals

When using chemicals you need to know whether it may harm you. For example, certain household cleaning fluids can have damage your skin.

All users of chemicals must be able to read the labels, take note of the hazards and follow the instructions and advice given by the manufacturer.

Keep chemicals locked away from children

Further information about identifying different chemicals and free leaflets about chemicals can be found on the Health & Safety Executive website:


If you make contact with a toxic substance

  • You must seek medical advice if you think you or a member of your family may have swallowed or come into contact with a potentially toxic chemical
  • Remember to provide a full description of the product and describe any symbols or guidance from the manufacturer detailed on the bottle or package.

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