Arson and fire setting

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Addressing Arson through Education

Arson is a major concern to the Fire Authorities around the country, in Shropshire from April 2010 – March 2011, 50% of fires were identified as deliberate.

In response to this problem, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service have educational initiatives to address the needs of children and young people who are involved in fire play and the crime of arson.

For more information on these initiatives, please see details of iLearn.

For specific arson prevention information on how to protect your property and good housekeeping tips, please see our arson prevention advice.

Together we can reduce incidences of fire setting and arson and make our county a safer place to live

Further information

delyth [dot] humphreys [at] shropshirefire [dot] gov [dot] uk (Delyth Humphreys) - iLearn Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01743 260 279

Email: ilearn [at] shropshirefire [dot] gov [dot] uk