Crucial Crew

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Children attend a Crucial Crew event in Shropshire

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has been involved in the Crucial Crew events since 1993.

Crucial Crew is held at various sites across the county, including Nesscliffe, Buildwas Abbey Telford, Bridgnorth, Oswestry and Shawbury.

These events are aimed at year six pupils, aged 10 and 11, who are at an age where they are becoming more independent and beginning to make responsible decisions.

The Crucial Crew event consists of real life scenarios, featuring various agencies who give interactive presentations and offer advice on the best way to deal with certain safety situations.


Aims of Crucial Crew?

The Crucial Crew project aims to provide an enjoyable way of teaching children to:

  • Become more aware of personal safety
  • Learn how to react to dangerous situations
  • Make a contribution to crime prevention
  • Avoid becoming victims of crime
  • Know what to do in an emergency
  • Foster good citizenship

Crucial Crew 2013

This year’s Crucial Crew Fire Service scenario will cover the dangers of playing with matches and lighters and how nuisance fires can have a real effect on our limited resources and our ability to respond. Some deliberate fires can be committed for a laugh or thinking that it wouldn’t affect anyone. We attempt to raise awareness of the affects and implications to our resources.

We discuss the importance of working smoke alarms. We use our smoke tent scenario to demonstrate the importance of having a fire escape plan, which the entire household can practice! We also ensure that the young people understand the dangers of smoke and not going back into a house fire to save someone else.


Any questions?

The firefighters will ask if anyone has any questions and ask the children to remember the following points:

  • Fire can spread fast, make sure you have a smoke alarm and an escape plan
  • Do not make hoax calls or start small fires in your community
  • A firefighter's job is to save you in an emergency and they get upset when they're sent to a hoax call because they are not available to rescue you from fires or road traffic accidents
  • The firefighters cannot be there quickly if the fire engine is delayed because silly people are making hoax calls or starting silly little fires in the park
  • Firefighters do not want to arrive too late to a genuine fire and bring you out in a body bag

The session ends by the sound of an air horn.

Crucial Crew events are not open to the public and are specifically aimed at school children in Shropshire.

Further information

charlie [dot] cartwright [at] shropshirefire [dot] gov [dot] uk (Charlie Cartwright) - Youth Officer
Telephone: 01743 260 263