Domestic fire prevention

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Domestic fire prevention - helping fit smoke alarms in the local community

It is hoped that you will never be involved in a fire, however in the event should a fire occur, it is good to know that you have your home protected with equipment that will give you the early warning necessary for you to get yourself and your family out safely.

Smoke alarms have proved invaluable in saving the lives of so many people over the years and each time most of these people have stated "that you do not realize how important these smoke alarms are until your life is at risk".

There is a range of smoke alarms available from a whole range of outlets that provide smoke alarms at very reasonable rates. Don’t wait until your life is at risk, make sure you have working smoke alarms today.

Fire sprinklers are an excellent way of protecting a building's residents and though not many people would think of installing domestic fire sprinklers for life safety, it is claimed that where they are installed by law (such as Scottsdale, Arizona, USA) no-one has died in a fire and property damage is reduced by over 80%.