Smoke alarms

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Smoke alarms are a vital piece of equipment and no home should be without this vital protection.

A smoke alarm will dramatically reduce the chance of you or your family being killed or injured in a house fire. There are many types of smoke alarms available on the market today, however it is important to note that regardless of their appearance they have a very important job to do and that is to give early warning in the event of a fire.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) believe that they can play an important role in advising members of the public about potential dangers they may have in their homes.

As part of their Home Fire Risk Assessment SFRS will test all smoke alarms within the home. Some householder's, dependent on their circumstances, who do not have working smoke alarms may qualify for one smoke alarm per level free of charge. The Home fire risk assessment is completely free of charge and is done in the comfort of the householder's home.

To book your free home fire safety check, please leave your details on our dedicated line 01743 260 298 or for further advice and assistance contact Community Fire Safety on 01743 260 260.

Smoke alarms are widely available from a range of outlets from specialist electrical wholesalers to general DIY stores and more recently in supermarket stores. The alarms are very reasonably priced, from the very basic models starting at just £4.

Below is information about the type of alarms supplied by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service


Our alarms

RNID smoke alarm kit

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service supplies and fits optical smoke alarms as part of their Home Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

These smoke alarms are supplied free of charge. SFRS recommend the installation of one smoke alarm per level within the property as a bear minimum. It is strongly advised that the smoke alarms are installed in the circulation areas mainly in the hallway and landing.


Smoke alarms for Hearing Impaired

Free Home Fire Safety check and advice

A smoke alarm for a hearing impaired person consists of one ionisation and one optical smoke alarm, the main unit, a strobe warning light and a vibrating pad.

The vibrating pad is placed under the pillow and will wake a householder if asleep and the flashing light will act as a visual alarm.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service work with our partners at Shropshire Council and the Telford & Wrekin Council sensory impairment teams to risk assess the supply of these alarms throughout the county.

Contact our Vulnerable Persons Officers for more information on 01743 260 200.

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