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Domestic sprinkler system

If you want to reduce the risk of dying in a fire as far as you possibly can, you should get fire sprinklers in your home. In parts of the US where sprinklers have become compulsory, almost no one dies from fire at home.

   Domestic sprinkler system

  • Sprinklers are fitted in as many rooms as you want them to be. Their pipes are small and run off mains water
  • They are individually heat-activated, so the whole system doesn't go off at once
  • They rarely get set off accidentally as they need high temperatures to trigger them
  • They operate automatically, whether you're at home or not
  • If you have a sprinkler system it must be in conjunction with alongside a smoke alarm. The smoke alarm will alert you to slow-burning, smoke-generating fires which may not generate enough heat to trigger the sprinkler.
  • Sprinklers sound the alarm when they go off - so they alert you and also tackle the fire

Sprinklers are particularly suitable for older people and people who have difficulty moving around or have some other impairment.

There is currently no statutory requirement for sprinklers to be installed in domestic dwellings however you may wish to consider fitting a system to help protect your home from fire.

Remember: If you do decide to install a sprinkler system this does not mean you should not have other fire precautions in place such as

  • Smoke alarms
  • Escape routes
  • Safe housekeeping practices

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