Plans and procedures

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Shropshire Council Emergency Planning Unit is responsible for ensuring that integrated plans for coping with emergencies and major incidents are coordinated, developed and tested by the relevant agencies including: police, ambulance, fire and rescue.

When a major incident occurs that is beyond the capacity of the emergency services to deal with unaided, the county and district major incident response plans are put into action.

These plans and procedures are designed to ensure that:

  • Preparation and planning has been undertaken prior to any major incident
  • The emergency services have the necessary support during the incident
  • The return to normality is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • There is a speedy response by all parties
  • The necessary skills and resources are deployed
  • There is a resumption of normal services

This is achieved through close coordination between the Emergency Planning Unit and agencies in plan preparation, staff training and in devising and running exercises designed to reinforce training and to validate agreed procedures.


Shropshire county major incident plans

Shropshire county major incident plans are:

  • Shropshire Council major incident response plan
  • Major accident hazard pipelines
  • Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin flooding response plan<
  • Temporary mortuary plan for the county of Shropshire
  • Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin telephone failure plan
  • Media plan
  • Rabies contingency plan
  • Control of major accidents hazards plan - COMAH (statutory)
  • Public information for radiation emergencies regulations plan - PIRER (statutory)
  • Radiation emergency preparedness and public information regulations plan - REPPIR (statutory)

The Emergency Planning Unit also holds national plans, procedures and schemes relating to a wide range of possible or potential incidents.

Copies of all the above plans can be found in main libraries, or by contacting the Emergency Planning Unit, Shropshire Council at EPU [at] shropshire [dot] gov [dot] uk.