Toxic or hazardous materials

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Don't panic! Follow the guidance below to keep safe


Action to take

  • Go indoors and stay there
  • Tune in to your local radio or television station for further information
  • Follow official instructions
  • Close all doors and windows
  • Shut down all ventilation and air conditioning systems and block obvious drafts (remember to unblock these vents before switching everything back on)
  • Extinguish all flames, for example pilot lights
  • Cover or put all foods in a closed, sealed cupboard or container
  • Wash and/or peel all home grown fruit and vegetables before eating
  • Do NOT try to collect your children from school unless told to do so, they will be looked after properly by the school
  • Do NOT go outside until you are told it is safe to do so - with some chemicals everything may appear quite normal and you won't be able to see or smell them
  • Do NOT use rainwater - any rainwater stored, for example in garden butts, should be discarded
  • Ensure family pets that have been outside are washed thoroughly
  • Listen for public announcements - they will inform you when you can go outside, and of other actions you can take