Ringmaster - Community Messaging System

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Screenshot of the Ringmaster website

Ringmaster is a web portal which has been developed to enable you to interact with Telford & Wrekin Police Community Messaging System online.

Visit the Telford & Wrekin Ringmaster portal:

Visit the Shropshire Ringmaster portal:

Telford & Wrekin Police Community Messaging System launched

Telford & Wrekin's Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Peter Robinson has given his full support to the launch of the Telford & Wrekin Police Community Messaging System.

The system, which is also known as a Ringmaster Community Messaging Portal, is now being launched publicly.

The main aim of the system is to provide up-to-date information and crime prevention advice to members who have signed up to the service. Initially Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators and key figures within a community are being asked to register, but in the future anyone will be free to apply for membership.

Chief Superintendent Robinson said:

"West Mercia Constabulary is extremely supportive of the work done by Neighbourhood Watch schemes. In Telford we are fortunate to have almost 600 in operation at the present time.

"Our ongoing support of Neighbourhood Watch is demonstrated by our recent investment in the Telford and Wrekin Police Community Messaging System.

"This new system will allow Telford's Neighbourhood Watch administration team to phone, text or e-mail people such as the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators quickly and directly to warn them about any incidents taking place that might affect the area where they live.

"It will also provide an immediate warning to members so they can be on the look out for suspicious individuals or vehicles, or even just offer them up-to-date crime prevention advice or information.

"We are confident that this system will help to offer local residents even greater reassurance and also reaffirm the feeling of 'community' with the town."

Telford's Neighbourhood Watch administrator Anne Walker continued:

"We are very excited that the new system is now online and being used for the first time.

"It is something we have been looking at for some time and we feel that its introduction will have huge benefits for the residents of Telford & Wrekin.

"Local residents can log on to the website or send us their details to apply for membership, and, if their application is successful, they will then start to receive up-to-date police information and crime prevention advice.

"The users can choose to receive information in any number of ways – by text, e-mail or voicemail for example – and will then be able to pass on the information to their neighbours and friends.

"This will be particularly useful in rural areas should police become aware of any developing trends in terms of criminal activity and want to advise the public how they can help prevent further problems.

"For example, should a distraction burglary take place in a part of Telford, a message can be sent almost immediately via the system, warning people to be on their guard. Descriptions of offenders and their vehicles can be circulated to the community and people are encouraged to call the police if they see anything matching the description. This message can be sent to everyone registered on the system, or to just a specific group of members that are most likely to be targeted, for example in a particular street.

"This would give the NHW administration team the ability to send a message to the Scheme Managers at sheltered accommodation in the town so that they can pass the details on to their residents to ensure that they are being vigilant.

"An example of the system in action was in relation to the series of tack thefts and burglaries that we had recently in the Borough. We were able to contact farms and stables directly to warn them about the thefts, to advise them to be aware of the issue and to make sure that had taken precautions to guard against becoming a victim themselves.

"To make best use of this system, if your community or village does not yet have a NHW scheme, I would encourage you to look into the possibility of setting one up in the very near future. If you live in an isolated area or have different security requirements you also have the option of joining Telford Business Against Crime or Rural Watch if you are unable to join a regular NHW scheme.

"I believe that the benefits of this new system will be enormous and can go a long way to making your community feel safer and much more secure."

Further information

To apply for membership to the Telford & Wrekin Police Community System please log on to www.twpcm.org.

To apply for membership to the Shropshire Community Messaging System please visit www.safer-shropshire.org.