Advanced Driving Course

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Are you 17-25? Do you drive? Do you want to save money?

This is the course for you!

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Motorists are offering young driver between 17 – 25, (who live, study or work in Shropshire) the chance to experience 4 advanced driving sessions, based on the police advanced driving course for FREE.

You will need to have your own insured vehicle, plus a full driving licence! You will then be linked up with a trained observer and the sessions will begin!

All we ask from you is a £50 deposit, which you do get back after your 4 driving sessions.

After the driving sessions, young drivers have the opportunity to become full members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, with the benefits of cheaper insurance, discounted breakdown assistance, discounted car hire, hotels, and improved driving skills. Plus many more.

To complete this full course normally costs £135, HOWEVER... in partnership with the Shropshire Advanced Motorists, the Fire Service are only charging £69, which is only an additional £19 with your deposit!

If you are aged 17-25 years old and meet the following criteria, then you will be eligible to apply for the course using the form below.

  • Live, work or study in Shropshire
  • Use of your own vehicle
  • Have a full driving license (not provisional)
  • Have valid car tax and insurance

Completing this course reduces your chance of being involved in a Collision by 75%, you become a better driver and feel a lot more confident behind the wheel, with full control

17-25 year old are the age group that are more likely to be involved in a Road Traffic Collision, due to in-experience and distractions

Advanced Driving Course application form