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Householders should keep all important documents in a safe place, however in the event of a fire or flood most companies and organisations will be able to provide you with new original copies.

We have provided a list below of who you should contact for certain types of documentation.

Bank and Building Society books

Your Bank or Building Society can issue statements or duplicate books.

Birth, Marriage and Death certificates

Contact the original Office of Registration, they will provide duplicates.


Contact your Solicitor.

Divorce Decree

Contact the Court Officewhere the decree was made, they will assist in providing duplicates.

Driving Licence and vehicle documents

All types of driving licenses may be replaced by the DVLC, Swansea, SA99 1AT

Your Insurance Company will provide a duplicate vehicle Insurance Certificate.

You will need to contact the garage which issued your MOT certificate for a replacement or have the vehicle retested.

Photocopying of important documents

Some documents may be irreplaceable and it may be advisable for householders to have a photocopy of their important documents whilst storing originals at another location (ie. at their Bank or with relatives). The copies may be useful for reference purposes in the event of a fire or flood.

If photocopies are impractical it maybe advisable to note all your document policy numbers (ie. Passport, car insurance, house insurance, driving license) and keep them in a safe place, at your bank or with relatives.

Please note: A photocopy of any document can provide crucial information such as dates and reference numbers. However in the event of a claim, insurance companies may require original copies. For further clarification it is advisable to seek advice from your insurance provider.

Further information

Community Fire Safety

Telephone: 01743 260 200