Safety steps to save lives

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Fit smoke alarms on each floor level in your home

  • If you don't have working smoke alarms in your home, your chances of surviving a fire when you are asleep are almost zero.
  • Test your smoke alarms every month and replace batteries once a year
  • If your smoke alarm keeps going off, don't disconnect them. They are only doing their job.

Ask Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service / Community Fire Safety about the best place to put them so that they won't keep going off, for example, when you are cooking.

Keep doors closed at night

  • This will help delay the spread of fire and smoke

Do a safety check before you go to bed each night

  • The more electrical appliances you can switch off at the wall socket, the safer you will be
  • Check gas appliances and put a spark guard in front of open fires
  • Put out cigarette ends and candles properly
  • Always keep matches and cigarette lighters away from children

Practice your fire action plan

  • Knowing what to do and acting quickly will save lives
  • Regularly take a few minutes to 'walk' the escape route with everyone in your household and check that everyone can unlock and open doors and windows easily
  • Review your plan regularly, especially if you make any changes in your home

Further information

Community Fire Safety

Telephone: 01743 260 200