Environmental Unit

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Environmental Unit

The Environmental Unit is a purpose designed demountable pod. It carries equipment for dealing with environmental pollution incidents.

The unit carries absorbency mats and pads, booms, drain seals, pumps, aspirators, overdrums and leak sealing equipment. The unit and the equipment are provided to Fire Services by the Environment Agency under a national contract.



Radiation Survey Equipment

3 survey meters and 12 personal dose meters are used to measure background radiation and personal radiation dose. All units are re-calibrated annually.

Leak Sealing Equipment

Used to plug or seal leaks in ruptured drums, tanks and pipelines. Some units are inflatable using a foot pump and others are attached by means of powerful magnets or by suction pads. Special leak sealing putty is used as a temporary seal on ruptured drums and tanks.

Peristaltic Pump

Water driven pump which uses a peristaltic action to pump water, slurry, sewage, chemical spillages etc. Can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Used to contain damaged or leaking drums and packages to allow them to be safely transported for disposal.

Generator, aspirator and floating pump

110v Generator provides power for floodlighting and other equipment including the Aspirator. The Aspirator acts like a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and can be used to pump liquids away. The Floating Pump is petrol driven and is used to pump out cellars, manholes etc.

Environment Agency 'Grab Pack'

Includes: Absorbent Materials, Drain Mat and Plastic Boom to prevent contamination entering drains and water courses. 'Dammit' compound to temporarily repair leaking tanks. Supplied Free of Charge by the Environment Agency.



Environmental Unit