Fire Simulator

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Fire Simulator

The Chip Pan Fire Simulator is used by firefighters to demonstrate the dangers of chip pan fires and the procedures to follow if you experience a chip pan fire.

The Chip Pan fire simulator attends all public open days at the fire stations throughout Shropshire as well as other local events by request and carries numerous fire safety messages as shown below.



Fire SimulatorFire Simulator
Fire SimulatorFire Simulator

Fire safety messages on the vehicle

Hoax Calls Kill, ask any Firefighter

It is a criminal offence to make a hoax call

  • The police can trace all calls made to 999 - including calls from mobile phones. Even if you dial 141 before you call.
  • If you make a hoax call from your mobile your phone signal will be barred.

Have you made an escape plan?

  • Know your way out
  • Know your alternatives
  • Keep them free of obstructions
  • Keep security window keys handy
  • Assist people with special needs
  • Arrange a meeting place
  • Practice it - Now

Don't wait until it's too late

Do you have working smoke alarms

If so do you:

  • Test your alarms weekly
  • Vacuum them out every six months
  • Change the battery as per manufacturer's instructions

If not: Call us on 01743 260298 for a FREE home fire safety check and Smoke Alarm.