Incident Command Unit

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Incident Command Unit

The Incident Command Unit is driven by the specialist Incident Command officers, providing command and control facilities at small and medium sized incidents.

  • Mercedes Vito

The vehicle carries a wide range of equipment to assist in the command and control of an incident, these include:

  • a large air shelter including tables and chairs
  • IT equipment including 2 smart boards, MDT lap top computer, fax, mobile phones, digital camera, printers
  • numerous hand held radios
  • Tabards required by the specialist support officers that attend an incident
  • various maps
  • radiation kit, first aid kit, torches, life jacket


Incident Command Unit

IT equipment can be extended into the tent, allowing the Incident Commander to deploy instructions to members of the Fire Crew

Incident Command Unit
Incident Command Unit
Incident Command UnitIncident Command Unit