Scania XL Water Ladder

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Scania XL Water Ladder

  • Carries 8 firefighters
  • 1800 litres (400 gallons) of water
  • 1½ tonnes of equipment
  • Lightweight Portable Pump
  • Flood lighting equipment
  • Limited range of equipment for chimney fires
  • Limited amount of foam and foam making equipment

Fitted with main pump capable of 2,250 litres per minute at 7 bars (500 gallons per minute at 102 psi)

Enhanced Water Ladder (WrL+)

As above but carries following extra equipment:

  • Holmatro dedicated hyrdraulic cutter
  • Sharp edge protection
  • Glass management kits
Inside of Scania XL Water LadderFront of Scania XL Water LadderInside of Scania XL Water Ladder