Hydraulic Rescue Equipment

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Hydraulic Rescue Equipment

The Hydraulic Rescue Equipment comprises of cutters, spreaders and rams which enable firefighters to release casualties involved in Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) and in other incidents where they may be trapped.

   Hydraulic Rescue Equipment

Firefighters use cutting equipment to remove the roof of a car involved in a Road Traffic Collision

Holmatro Hydraulic Rescue Equipment sets varies depending on the type of appliance on which they are carried.

Equipment includes:

  • Combination Cutter/Spreader
  • Hydraulic Pump operating at 720 bar
  • High pressure hose
  • Pedal Cutter
  • Ram
  • Various chains and equipment to stabilise vehicles

Holmatro    Holmatro Ram
Used to force apart crushed vehicle.

Holmatro    Holmatro Hydraulic Cutter
Used to cut apart vehicles.

Holmatro    Holmatro Spreader
Used to open up a gap to enable the cutters to be used.