Rank to Role

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The British Fire Service is currently following a modernisation agenda, part of which is a move away from the traditional rank based structure, to one which is more aligned to the role which a person actually carries out.

In Shropshire we are in a transitional period where we are in the process of moving away from a rank to role structure, it is therefore quite common for both sets of terminology to be used interchangeably. Slowly as time progresses the "old" rank structure will disappear.

The table below shows the ranks and what roles (rank to role pending) they equate to for uniformed and control personnel. Also included in the tables are abbreviations that are commonly used for the various rank/roles.



Rank Role Abbreviation
Firefighter Firefighter Ff
Leading Firefighter Crew Manager CM
Sub Officer Watch Manager WM
Station Officer Station Manager StnM
Assistant Divisional Officer Group Manager GM
Divisional Officer Area Manager AM
Assistant Chief Officer Brigade Manager ACO
Assistant Chief Fire Officer Brigade Manager ACFO
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Brigade Manager DCFO
Chief Fire Officer Brigade Manager CFO

Fire Control

Rank Role Abbreviation
Fire Control Operator Firefighter (Control) Ff (Con)
Leading Fire Control Operator Crew Manager (Control) CM (Con)
Senior Fire Control operator Watch Manager (Control) WM (Con)
Fire Control Manager Station Manager (Control) SM (Con)