Water safety

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Water Rescues

Experience of recent years suggests that the problems due to flooding are getting worse, both in frequency and scale.

Some 1.7 million homes and 130,000 commercial properties with an estimated value of £200 billion are at risk from flooding. In view of these climatic changes Fire and Rescue Services have developed safe systems of work when dealing with water related incidents.

  • 1990's - North Wales
  • 2000 - Shrewsbury
  • 2004 - Boscastle
  • 2004 - Glastonbury
  • 2005 - Yorkshire
  • 2005 - Carlisle

The public perceive the Fire Service as the prime rescue service across a wide range of hazardous situations, including water related incidents.

Firefighters carry out a water rescue of a cowFirefighters carry out Boat Training in bad weather conditions at Plas Menai

It is the policy of Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) to mobilise to all requests for assistance to save life, render humanitarian services and protect property.

Working near, on or in water is inherently hazardous. Fire and Rescue Service personnel receive specialist training to enable them to operate safely in this environment. Personnel respond to support or assist in the rescue of those at risk from water are aware of the extreme hazards they are likely to be exposed to.

Water Safety Awareness Campaign

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