Audit and Performance Management - 9 June 2011

09 June 2011
Headquarters, Shrewsbury

Please note that details of complaints made about, and compliments received by, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service are available at every meeting of the Fire Authority for Members to peruse. Please ask either Lynn Ince or Sharon Lloyd if you would like to look at them.

  • 01. Apologies for Absence

    Apologies for absence have been received from the Chair, Councillor Dr Jones.

  • 02. Declarations of Interest

    Members are reminded that they should declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests at this point and that they should leave the meeting room before any item, in which they have a prejudicial interest, is discussed.

  • 03. Minutes

    Members are asked to agree the minutes, marked 3, of the Audit and Performance Management Committee meeting, held on 10 March 2011, and that they be signed by the Chair as a correct record.

    For decision
  • 04. Public Questions

    Members are asked to receive any questions, statements or petitions, of which notice has been received, from members of the public.

  • 05. Audit and Performance Management Review of Committee Terms of Reference

    This report, marked 5, asks Members to review the current Terms of Reference of the Audit and Performance Management Committee and make recommendations regarding any amendments required to the Fire Authority.

    For decision
  • 06. Reveiw of Member Role Descriptions

    This report, marked 6, asks Members to review the current Role Descriptions for the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Audit and Performance Management Committee and Member Champion for Risk Management and Audit and make recommendations regarding any amendments required to the Fire Authority.

    For decision
  • 07. External Audit Matters

  • 07a. Annual Audit Fee 2011/12

    Members are asked to receive the Annual Audit Fee Letter 2011/12 from the Audit Commission, marked 7a. In addition, the Treasurer will give a verbal update on correspondence with the Audit Commission regarding the annual audit fee.

    For information
  • 07b. Statement of Audit Progress

    Members are asked to receive the Statement of Audit Progress, marked 7b, from the Audit Commission. The Statement makes reference to the following documents, which can be found via the links given below:

    Fire Futures Report Government Response

    Fire and Rescue Service Circular 20/2010 Capital Grant Funding

    Future of Local Government Audit: Consultation

    For information
  • 07c. Audit Commission Code of Audit Practice and the Statement of Responsibilities

  • 07c. Audit Commission Code of Audit Practice and the Statement of Responsibilities

    The attention of Members is brought to the following Audit Commission documents for local government bodies, which can be accessed via the Fire Authority’s website via the link given below:

    • Code of audit practice 2010
    • Statement of responsibilities of auditors and of audited bodies

    For information
  • 08. Response to Consultation on the Future of Local Public Audit

    This report, marked 8, responds to the consultation paper issued by the Government on the future of public audit.

    For decision
  • 09. Internal Audit 2010/11 Summary Audit Report

    Members are asked to receive the 2010/11 Summary Audit Report, marked 9, from Internal Audit.

    For information
  • 10. Annual Governance Statement 2010/11 and Improvement Plan 2011/12

    This report, marked 10, sets out the draft Annual Governance Statement (AGS) and AGS Improvement Plan 2011/12 to be included in the Fire Authority’s Final Accounts for 2010/11.

    For decision
  • 11. Audit Commission Value for Money Indicators 2011

    This report, marked 11, details the results of the Audit Commission’s 2009/10 Value for Money analysis of Fire and Rescue Authorities, taking data from a range of sources. The report also informs Members about areas where additional analysis is necessary to assist in further improving value for money.
    The Chief Fire Officer will give a detailed presentation on this report.

    For decision
  • 12. Financial Reporting Council - Update for Audit Committees

    This report, marked 12, reviews the questions raised by the Financial Reporting Council’s report “Update for Audit Committees: Issues arising from current economic conditions.” (November 2010.) It then considers whether there are any matters of concern to be drawn to the Fire Authority’s attention.

    For decision
  • 13. Fire Authority Treasurer

    This report, marked 13, asks the Committee to comment upon the recommendation, which is to be made to the full Fire Authority at its meeting on 15 June 2011, to outsource the role of Authority Treasurer to Shropshire Council through a two-year Service Level Agreement, with an option to extend for a further 2 years.

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  • 14. Summary of Compliments and Complaints 2008/09 to 2010/11

    This report, marked 14, advises Members of summary details regarding the compliments and complaints received during 2010/11, with comparisons to 2008/09 and 2009/10.

    For information
  • 15. Performance

  • 15a. Public Value Performance Measures 2011/12

    This report, marked 15a, provides a summary explanation of the underlying organisational performance measures that support the Authority’s Public Value Measures.

    For information
  • 15b. Performance against Best Value Performance Indicators

    The Service Performance Group has previously received a management paper detailing performance. This agenda item acts as an Exception Report, bringing to the attention of Members key strategic performance issues, which are summarised below. Areas of poor performance are being addressed through the Service Performance Group.

    Corporate measures have produced varied results. Financial Indicators are all performing on target with the exception of BV8, with the outturn being 97.4% of undisputed invoices being paid within 30 days against a target of 99%. Sickness achievement for whole-time uniformed staff failed target by 32 days, however, when amalgamated with all staff, the target was achieved. Target was also achieved for those measures relating to Equality and Diversity, where still appropriately measured.

    There have been 60 personal injury staff accidents during the year, an increase on the total of 49 for the previous year. Of these, 16 have been during operational incidents, 16 occurred during training practices at various locations and 7 were reported to have had poor weather as a contributory factor during December 2010.

    Operational measures also show varied results. Wholetime appliances were available for 100% of the time, whilst Retained appliances 98.5% of the time. The number of both primary and secondary fires, accidental and deliberate, was fewer than target, although the number of accidental dwelling fires exceeded target. Although the number of non-operating smoke alarms in dwelling fires failed target, it is a noticeable improvement on 2009/10. The number with missing batteries was zero. There were 14 injuries and one fatality due to fire occurring in accidental dwelling fires. There were an additional 7 fire injuries in other property or due to deliberate ignition.

    The National Indicators demonstrate the Authority’s improvements, with all measures achieved, except the number of primary arson incidents in the Shropshire Council area, which failed target by just 5 fires.

    This commentary acts as a précis of performance for the previous reporting period. More detailed information is available upon request from the Service’s Performance Analyst.

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  • 15c. Retained Duty System Appliance Availability January to March 2011

    At its last meeting the Committee agreed that future monitoring reports on the Retained Duty System should focus on retained appliance availability, hence the details provided for this item.

    The average appliance availability during the last quarter was 98.38% with a minimum crew of 4, and 99.38% with a minimum crew of 3, which were slightly down on the previous quarter. The average appliance availability over the year 2010/11 for a minimum crew of 4 was 98.49%, which was down on the previous year figures of 99.81%.

    Tables, showing 2010/11 availability and comparisons from 2007/08 to 2010/11, are attached, marked 15c.

    For information

Definitions of Exempt Information

Paragraph 1
Information relating to any individual
Paragraph 2
Information which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual
Paragraph 3
Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding the information)
Paragraph 4
Information relating to any consultations or negotiations, or contemplated consultations or negotiations, in connection with any labour relations matter arising between the authority or a Minister of the Crown and employees of, or office holders under, the authority.
Paragraph 5
Information in respect of which a claim to legal professional privilege could be maintained in legal proceedings.
Paragraph 6
Information which reveals that the authority proposes:

(a) to give under any enactment a notice under or by virtue of which requirements are imposed on a person; or

(b) to make an order or direction under any enactment.
Paragraph 7
Information relating to any action taken or to be taken in connection with the prevention, investigation or prosecution of crime.

Further information:

sharon [dot] lloyd [at] shropshirefire [dot] gov [dot] uk (Sharon Lloyd) - Corporate Services Manager

Telephone: 01743 260 210