Biker Down Shropshire

If you were the first on the scene of an accident involving a biker, would you know what to do?

Would you know who is most at risk, how to protect the area or whether you should remove the helmet of a downed rider?

Actions taken in the first few moments after an accident can be crucial in minimising injuries and can make a real difference to the lives of those involved. But there can be some uncertainty about what to do in these situations.

Biker Down is designed to answer these uncertainties. The course uses the expertise of the Emergency Services and Road Safety Officers to prepare motorcyclists should the worst happen on the roads.


The Course is FREE to all bikers of all ages and abilities so that there is no financial barrier to taking part. Specifically, the course includes the very latest advice surrounding the thorny issue of helmet removal.

Consisting of 3 modules over a 3-4 hour session, the idea is to offer people the ability to train in essential life skills and the knowledge to help them cope should they encounter or be involved in a road traffic collision, rather than just give them information on the consequences.

We (the Biker Down Team) believe this will bring about more of a sense of responsibility when out on the road and hopefully a change in attitude that will keep them safer, both in their riding technique and how they react at the roadside.

Module One

Incident Scene Management; usually presented by members of the Motorcycle Policing Unit, focuses on how to ensure the safety of responders, the fallen rider and anyone else involved in offering first aid, as well as advice on alerting the emergency services.

Module Two

Casualty care; usually delivered by a member of the Midlands Air Ambulance team, looks at dealing specifically with motorcycle-related first aid including typical trauma and mechanism of injury to legs, dealing with major bleeds and basic life support, CPR, managing spinal injuries and crash helmet removal.

Module Three

The Thinking Biker, usually delivered by a biker from Shropshire Advanced Motorists and Motorcyclists, looks at the way the brain interprets data sent by the eye so that what’s visible isn’t always seen, examining phenomena such as motion camouflage, saccadic masking and looming, and offers some positive advice on how to make the most of our chances of being seen. It puts the point over quite clearly that hi-vis clothing, day riding lights and retro-reflective materials don’t guarantee we’ll be seen by other road users!

The course is highly interactive with plenty of lively discussion and questions, plus the hands-on experience of the first aid module. 

In the afternoon, you will make your way over to a training area and the instructors from Shropshire Advanced Motorists and Motorcyclists will run you through a series of slow riding skills and drills.

Upcoming course dates

Sunday 20th March

Sunday 15th May

Sunday 3rd July

There are a limited number of places available, to register your interest in attending, please complete this form.

If you are not from the Shropshire area, find out about your nearest Biker Down course here