Firefighter Fitness

Firefighters work within a highly skilled team to respond to an array of challenges, including fires, road traffic collisions and floods. They endure tasks which require them to operate heavy equipment whilst working for long periods of time in challenging conditions, this requires an optimum level of physical fitness in addition to mental focus and resilience.

The chart below (kindly provided to us by our friends at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service) outlines why it is important for firefighters to maintain fitness and flexibility.



Exercises tailored towards preparing for the Job Related Tests (JRTs) can be found on the JRTs page at the end of the demonstration videos. For further information, including a 12 week training plan, follow the links below:

Before you exercise

Read through this short medical questionnaire before embarking on any physical exercise

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Get fire fit

Guidance to specify which areas you need to improve on, how to monitor workout intensity and how to get started

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12 week training plan

A suggested 12 week training plan to help you improve strength, cardio and overall flexibility

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Specific JRT exercises

Videos demonstrating the Job Related Tests, and the exercises you can do to best prepare for them

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All documentation provided courtesy of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service