Frequently asked safety questions

We often get asked questions about fire safety, so if you have one you may find the answer below

I have lots of rubbish can I have a bonfire in my garden? 

We have lots of useful information about bonfires on our arson webpage


I have 1 smoke alarm and do not know if it is working? 

You are responsible for testing your smoke alarms at least once a week.  Press the middle section/button until you hear a beeping noise.   

If you live in a house that has 2 levels, you should have 1 smoke alarm on the landing at the top of the stairs.  Secondly, one in the hallway bottom of the stairs. 

For further information head to our page dedicated to smoke alarms and detectors


I live in a new house should I have working smoke alarms? 

All new builds buy law are required to have hard wired smoke alarms: 

Since June 1992, building regulations (Part B) that every new build home must allow for mains wired, interconnected smoke alarms to be installed. 

For further advice visit the Fire Angel website  


I want to buy a fire extinguisher for my home what do you recommend? 

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service do not recommend you buy a fire extinguisher. To use this equipment, you to have had training. We advise that you follow the basic fire in the home safety advice, ensure you have adequate working smoke alarms and test them regularly. If there is a fire get out, stay out and contact 999. 


I live in a housing association property who is responsible for my smoke alarms? 

Your housing association/landlord is responsible for ensuring that you have working smoke alarms however, you are the resident, so you are responsible for regularly testing (we advise weekly as a minimum) to make sure that they are working. If your smoke alarms are not working, then you must contact your landlord. 


I have a sensory impairment and I live in a housing association property who is responsible for ensuring I have a suitable smoke alarm for my needs? 

For Sensory needs your housing association is responsible for ensuring you are living safely in your home.


In an emergency I cannot make voice calls but have a mobile, what can I do?  

Go to the emergency sms website for more information.


My first language is not English can you provide me with safe and well advice in my language? 

Yes we have resources available in any language we also use language line that will help to ensure that we can help you. Email the prevention team with your requests on  


I care for an elderly or disabled person how can I keep them safe? 

  • help test their smoke alarms 
  • make sure their smoke alarms are fitted in the correct places 
  • want more advice – ask your local fire and rescue service if they can offer advice on fire safety in your home – they may be able to carry out a Safe & Well Visit 


I have sight, (hearing) issues? 

  • People with sight, hearing or mobility issues can be at particular risk from fire in their home – tips to help you stay safe in your home 
  • ask your local fire and rescue service if they can offer advice on fire safety in your home – they may be able to carry out a Safe & Well Visit 


I am concerned for a member of my family I need advice and help for their needs. 

In the Shropshire Council area:  

Adults who require first-time help, support or advice about social care can contact us on 0345 678 9044. 

If you suspect that someone is being abused or mistreated, find out how to report it on our 'Concerned about someone?' page. 

For emergency calls, customers can still call our out of hours service on 0345 678 9040. 

Phone lines are open between Monday to Thursday, 8.45am to 5pm, and on Friday from 8.45am to 4pm. first point of contact   


I am concerned for the welfare of a child 

Contact Shropshire Council Early help Team:  

Early help means taking action to support a child, young person or their family as soon as a problem emerges. It can be required at any stage in a child's life, from pre-birth to adulthood, and applies to any problem or need that the family can't deal with alone. 

Call them on: 0345 678 9021 

Or visit: 

We have further details on our safeguarding page


I am a landlord what should I do? 

  • at least one smoke alarm installed on every storey of their rental property which is used as living accommodation, and 
  • a carbon monoxide alarm in any room used as living accommodation where solid fuel is used - after that, the landlord must make sure the alarms are in working order at the start of each new tenancy. 

For further advice see the Government information website

Find out what you can do, if you’re concerned about how fire safe your rented property is here


I have a business what fire safety requirements do I need to follow? 

For more information and advice on fire safety audits, the legal requirements and fire protection contact our BFS Protection team on 01743 260200 or check out the business fire safety section of our website.