Arson: Don't accept it, report it

Wheelie bin affected by arson

This year Arson Awareness Week, begins Monday 20th March Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, together with the Arson Prevention Forum, are calling on everyone to play their part in tackling fire-crime. 

“Arson accounts for almost half of all fires attended by the fire and rescue services and can have devastating effects in terms of its cost and consequences,” says Lee Howell, the Forum’s Independent Chairman.

Insurers report that arson costs over £1bn in fire-related claims each year.  Damage to property, business interruption and other inconvenience caused by arson is significant.  Deliberate fires cost a vast amount of money, but also endanger life, with a significant number of lives lost as a result.  In 2014/15, 50 people died in fires that were started deliberately.  

Lee added, “The Forum brings together those with a responsibility or interest in reducing arson and challenges them to do more.  We have seen progress, but there is still work to be done.  This is where members of the public can help.”

Arson is a significant drain on our resources and can put lives in danger, destroy buildings and be devastating.  Arson must be reported.  If you see anyone setting a fire deliberately, 'don't accept it, report it’”.

For further information on how to help us prevent arson, please click here

20th March, 2017