Billboard message from the fire service this Christmas

Community Fire Safety Team Leader Rabinder Dhami and Risk Reduction Officer Kate Hancocks point to the "don’t drink alcohol and cook" message for Shropshire shoppers.

Don't drink alcohol and cook – that is the message from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, keen to cut the number of house fires caused by householders who are under the influence of alcohol

A billboard has been unveiled at the entrance to Wrekin Retail Park in Telford aimed at thousands of Christmas shoppers in a bid to get the stark message over.

Firefighters will be available to give advice to shoppers in Telford shopping centre from December 3 to 6 urging them to test their smoke alarms and take advantage of a visit from fire crews to carry out home fire safety checks.

"Our message is especially important at Christmas as people are celebrating, perhaps drinking small amounts of alcohol throughout the day, unaware of the accumulative effect this is having," said Rabinder Dhami.

"They may fall asleep while smoking or leaving cooking unattended. The results could be devastating and sometimes fatal."

30th November, 2009