Brave Emma wins fire award

Emma Whitehouse (8) receives her bravery award from Deputy Chief Fire Officer John Redmond (left) and senior fire officer Phil Clarke

A quick thinking Telford schoolgirl has received a bravery award from senior fire officers for her actions in helping to evacuate her home in a house fire - and potentially saving lives.

Emma Whitehouse (8) remembered the fire safety awareness training she received from Shropshire firefighters during lessons at Windmill Primary School, Brookside, in November last year.

So when a blaze did break out in the kitchen of her home in Teal Close, Madeley, in February this year, she knew exactly what to do, said senior fire officer Phil Clarke.

“The smoke detector activated and woke Emma who reacted to the alarm and remembering her training she found her mother and told her that they needed to get out and stay out.

“Emma’s actions saved her and her mother from harm, possibly saving lives.”

Emma received her award at a ceremony held in front of the whole school.

Emma smiling and holding her award

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18th June, 2012