Busy training night at Ludlow Fire Station

Ludlow Fire Station was a hive of activity at a recent training night which saw 3 appliances, the Environmental Pod and a ranger with crews from four RDS stations taking part in two training exercises which were running at the same time.

Crews from Ludlow and Albrighton took part in a Hazardous Materials Exercise which involved dealing with a simulated chemical spill and then being decontaminated, they were supported by a crew from Tweedale who operated the decontamination unit which is housed on the Environment pod. The drill was supported by an associate trainer.

Meanwhile a crew from Craven Arms was working in the RTC training compound dealing with a simulated road traffic collision which involved one vehicle on its side.

Watch Manager John Taylor from Ludlow Fire Station said “It is unusual to have this many stations and vehicle all training on our drill yard at the same time. It was a very successful night which offered opportunities to develop our skills. I would particularly like to thank Tom Knight as associate trainer and the Tweedale crew for supervising the Haz Mat drill and for their technical input”

(Photographs by Ff Steve Perks from Ludlow)

4th April, 2012