Casualties rescued at chemical incident training exercise

Shropshire firefighters recently took part in a chemical incident training exercise organised at Bridgnorth Aluminium’s processing plant.

Crews from Ludlow and Much Wenlock were mobilised to the incident and were told on arrival that there had been a chemical spill inside one of the buildings and that two workers were missing. Firefighters in breathing apparatus entered the building and quickly located and rescued the two casualties.

As further crews of firefighters donned breathing apparatus and gastight suits to deal with the chemical leak the Environmental Unit crewed by Albrighton Fire Station arrived at the incident to decontaminate the rescued casualties and the firefighters who had been working in the chemical spill area.

Exercise director Tony Talbot said “This type of training gives crews the opportunity to practice their skills and highlight any issues, it was a successful exercise and I would very much like to thank Bridgnorth Aluminum for their assistance and support in allowing us to use their venue”

26th January, 2012