Charity Celebrates Most Successful Year Ever

Screenshot of the Fire Fighters Charity website

Press release by The Fire Fighters Charity

Over the last 12 months, a record number of people have been helped by the award winning organisation - The Fire Fighters Charity. Precisely 13,541 men, women and children from the fire community have benefitted from the Charity's services this year, touching more people's lives than at any other time in organisation's history.

Within just four years, The Fire Fighters Charity has increased the number of people it has helped by over 80%. On average this amounts to one new person being helped by the Charity every hour of every day. The diverse range of services provided to fire fighters and their families has contributed to this achievement enormously.

And this resounding success is only set to continue. By offering enhanced services, the Charity plans to annually be helping 16,000 people by 2011.

Currently the Charity operates three UK centres, located in Cumbria, Devon and West Sussex, offering varying combinations of therapy and recuperation services. The Charity's pioneering new Beneficiary Support Services, due to be launched in July, will also offer local and remote assistance to people in need nationwide.

Although excellent progress has been made so far, the charity is keen to help as many people as possible. Roy Lawrenson, Chief Executive for the Charity, said: "Whilst we are delighted to be assisting more people in the fire services' family than ever before, we know that annually there are still three thousand more that could also be helped as well as elements of the broader fire community, who we are currently unable to assist. Therefore by constantly improving the effectiveness, efficiency and diversity of our support services, we will continue to meet the challenge of helping a greater volume of people year-on-year. However none of this can be achieved without the continued support of the fire community, which is vital to the Charity's success!"

A new therapy centre based in the East of England is just one of the additional developments currently being explored, which could significantly increase the overall capacity of the Charity's services, helping many future generations from the fire community.

13th June, 2008