Don't Drink and Drown' poster campaign

The posters that have been launched in the Bridgnorth District warning about the dangers of Drinking and Drowning

Posters warning people not to jump into the river to cool off this summer are being put up across Bridgnorth district as part of the next phase of an unusual campaign.

The Don't Drink and Drown initiative to call time on people risking their lives by jumping into the River Severn has been running at pubs throughout the summer.

Special beer mats bearing the hard hitting message have been sent out to drinking spots to make people think twice before they jump into the river or other stretches of open water in a bid to keep cool during the hot weather.

Since June five people have been rescued from the water in Shropshire.

Now posters bearing the Don't Drink and Drown message are going up at locations around the district and at sites by the side of open water.

Kerry Rogers, from Bridgnorth District Community Safety Partnership, said: "We are reminding everyone that it is not safe to jump into the water whether they have had a drink or not.

"It's all too easy to get carried away on a hot summer's day and decide the river is a perfect place to cool off, but it is a stupid and dangerous thing to do."

The scheme is a joint initiative between Bridgnorth District Community Safety Partnership and Shropshire Fire and Rescue.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is also backing the initiative.

16th August, 2006