Dramatic Road Crash Demo For Student Drivers

Hundreds of students will watch a car crash “victim” released from the wreckage of a vehicle by firefighters at a road safety education event tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 15)

The stark demonstration in front of students aged 18 to 25 will be staged at Harper Adams University at 6.30pm by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Firefighters using specialist cutting equipment will carefully remove the car’s windows and roof before extricating a student volunteer “casualty” from the wreckage.

Firefighter Martin Richardson from Newport Fire Station, will provide watching students with a live commentary as a team of eight firefighters carry out a dramatic extrication aimed at showing what happens in the aftermath of a real road crash.

“I will explain what is happening during the extrication and go through the causes of how people get into that situation and how to prevent it happening,” said Mr Richardson, who has held the demonstration during Harper Adams “Fresher’s Week” for several years.

He said that excess speed, the misuse of alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, mobile phones and poor car maintenance were the main reasons behind the high number of road crashes among men in the 17 to 29 age group.

“We want to bring home to the watching students that the increasing number of road crashes that we attend involve their age group.

“A car can be a killing machine and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. A driver is responsible for the lives of their passengers,” added Mr Richardson.

14th November, 2016