Fire Protection and Advice for permanent Gypsy Sites throughout Shropshire

One of the permanent Gypsy sites in Shropshire who have received fire safety advice and smoke alarms

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and Shropshire County Council are working together to provide fire safety advice and smoke alarms to the permanent Gypsy sites throughout Shropshire.

The initiative was launched after Roy Jones, Gypsy Liason Officer for Shropshire County Council, expressed his concerns with regards to a few of the elderly and disabled residents on some of the permanent gypsy sites. Alison Teece, Older Persons Officer for SFRS, visited the Oswestry site where it became apparent that the majority of vans had no smoke alarm protection even though many of the residents are smokers. SFRS have purchased 100 optical alarms which are being offered to residents' for their caravans. They will also be offered fire safety advice when the alarm is fitted.

Leading Firefighter Tony Barnes from Bishops Castle is now co-ordinating the project with Roy Jones and SFRS hope to have all four sites complete within the early part of the year.

30th January, 2006