Fire safety talk

The importance of fire safety in the home was the subject of an entertaining and informative talk to Lydbury North Youth Club by south Shropshire firefighter Tony Barnes.

The Leading Firefighter at Bishop's Castle told youngsters how smoke alarms should be fitted into every home and that they should be regularly checked to ensure they were working properly. TV's should be switched off at night and not left on standby. Smoking at home was also a cause of many home fires, he said.

A burned out electricity box which had been the source of a fire in Bishop's Castle the previous week was shown to the audience, who were surprised at the ferocity of the blaze.

Fire drills and the importance of making an escape plan for every member of the family was also important, stressed Tony.

"It is important not to rush back into a burning house to rescue pets no matter how much you want to," said Tony.

"Everyone at the youth club thanked Tony very much for coming along and we all agreed that they had learned something," said youth club organiser Nicky Pugh.

"We have youngsters aged from eight to 16 who come to the youth club and they thoroughly enjoyed Tony's talk. He gave the children a real insight into the work of a firefighter and how to prevent fires,"

An assortment of activities is offered at each youth club session ranging from visits and crafts to games and cookery. The club also has some day trips planned for the summer holidays.

11th May, 2006