Fire Service Backs Hate Crime Campaign

(left to right): Chief Fire Officer, John Redmond; Fire Authority Chair, Coun Stuart West; Hate Crime Reporting Group Chair, Coun Jean Jones unveil new hate crime posters.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is backing a campaign to raise awareness of hate crime and make it easier for people to recognize and report incidents.

A hate crime reporting centre has been set up at the fire service’s Shrewsbury headquarters in St Michael’s Street and posters are being displayed on fire appliances.

The move is part of a joint effort by local councils, the fire and rescue service, police and other organisations – all members of a recently-formed Hate Crime Reporting Group - to improve the public’s understanding of hate crime and make it easier to report.

“Hate crime can take many forms - from verbal abuse in the street to abuse on social media - and may focus on anything from disability, age, sexual orientation to religious faith, culture and race. That can make it difficult for people to recognize,” said Natalie Parkinson, Shropshire Fire and Rescue’s equality and diversity manager.

“The creation of reporting centres across Shropshire, including the centre we have opened at fire service headquarters, will provide advice and support to victims of hate crime and people who want to report it.”

The Shropshire campaign has been timed to coincide with National Hate Crime Awareness Week which runs for a week from Saturday, October 10.

9th October, 2015