Fire Service urges extra vigilance over weekend in flood-affected areas

As the weekend approaches and flood water still poses considerable dangers across the county, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people to continue to be vigilant and remain safe.

Whether there are swollen rivers or general floodwater on roads and pathways, it is vital people follow simple, common sense, steps during periods of flooding to help ensure they, and their families, stay safe.

On a night out, don’t walk home near water as you might fall in, look out for friends and don’t enter the water if you have been drinking. These are some simple steps to reduce the risks of getting into difficulty. 

Visitors with children to affected areas shouldn't let them play in flood water as there might be hidden hazards such as missing manhole covers. Also, walking in or near flood water has risks such as unseen objects and road furniture and should be avoided. In addition, there may be a risk of contaminated standing water so avoid contact.

It is often tempting to make a special visit to flooded areas and rivers at their peak but this is not advisable. Flood waters can erode banks and wash out supporting structures which means standing close to river edges is dangerous.

Chief Fire Officer for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service Rod Hammerton said: “We’re urging people to stay safe while the river levels are higher than usual and clean-up operations are taking place. 

“Consuming alcohol seriously affects your ability to get yourself out of trouble and at this time of year, our waterways are very cold. If you fall or jump in, you are likely to rapidly experience cold water shock and to get into difficulty.”People are also urged not to visit flooded areas as increased numbers of visitors can hamper rescue and clean-up operations.

Click here for further advice on flood safety. 


21st February, 2020