Firefighters Called To Potential Chemical Alert

Group Commander Rob Corfield
Group Commander Rob Corfield

Shropshire firefighters dealt with a potential chemical alert when three drums containing a mystery liquid were reported in woodland near Oswestry.

A total of 20 firefighters from Oswestry, Prees, Tweedale and Whitchurch attended the scene at Glentworth Close, Morda at 4.36pm on Tuesday.(March 1).

They included the brigade’s Environmental Protection Unit and the Incident Support Unit with officers specially trained in dealing with hazardous materials.

Hazmat Officer Rob Corfield, a Group Commander at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, said firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and gauntlets checked the three sealed drums containing a red liquid.

Two of the drums were on their side and one was upright.

The drums, which were found not to have leaked, were put into an airtight large drum ready for the Environment Agency to collect and dispose of safely.

Group Commander Corfield said it appeared to be “an unfortunate co-incidence” that a dog, which had been at the scene, had later died.

“We are very confident it was not caused by the unknown substance as the containers had not leaked,” he said.

The liquid looked like fuel, he added.

Firefighters are regularly trained in dealing with chemicals and hazardous substances.


3rd March, 2016