Firefighters Stage Dramatic "Rescue" Exercise

Firefighters wearing special gas-tight suits and using breathing apparatus “rescued” three students from Wrekin College in Wellington on Monday (Aug 10) following a gas and chemical leak.

But the dramatic “rescue” was part of a life-like exercise designed to tests the skills of firefighters from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. Two dozen firefighters from the Wellington and Tweedale fire stations took part in the exercise watched by senior SFRS officers and observers.

The exercise began with a report that three students had been overcome by gas fumes on the third floor of the main college building.

Firefighters wearing “hazmat” suits designed to protect them from toxic gases entered the building and carried the unconscious “students” to safety and into a decontamination tent.

The entire exercise was watched carefully by Group Commander, Scott Hurford, who said: “Exercises like this are vitally important because they enable us to test our capabilities, procedures and equipment in near life-like conditions.

“Thanks to the generosity of Wrekin College and, in particular, Phil Rowles at the college, we have been able to stage a very effective and valuable exercise today.

“They also help us identify strengths and weaknesses in our performance and so helps us to continually improve the way we do things.”

12th August, 2015