Harper Adams students reminded of road safety with staged vehicle extraction

A POWERFUL visual reminder of road safety dangers was staged at Harper Adams University by Newport firefighters.


Freshers gathered to watch as the skilled fire and rescue crew cut off the roof of a car to free a ‘victim’ from the wreckage, copying what happens regularly on Shropshire roads.

The event aims to highlight the risk of serious injury among new students in Shropshire. On-call firefighter Martin Richardson of Newport station said: “These types of demonstrations show first-hand the effects of road traffic accidents and can help prevent crashes from happening in the first place.

“It also provides training opportunities and realistic training scenarios, ensuring our firefighters are prepared for the wide range of emergencies faced by today’s service.

“This scenario shows what can and does happen on our roads and will encourage students to think carefully about decisions that might save their life one day.”

Similar successful demonstrations have also been held for sixth formers at Newport High School and students at the Harper Adams Agricultural College at Edgmond.

27th September, 2019