Have your say - proposed changes to the way we deliver our service

Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority has launched an "extensive" public consultation exercise to get feedback on proposed changes to the service outlined in their draft integrated risk management action plan for 2008/09.

The plan details progress with the Fire Authority's main priorities up to March 2009 which are the implementation of the findings of an in depth review of the retained firefighter's duty system, provision of fire safety education in rural parts of the county and a review of emergency cover.

The Fire Authority is also seeking the views of the public on the possible redevelopment/relocation of the existing fire station and headquarters in St Michael's Street Shrewsbury. This is likely to be the most significant financial investment in the fire service in Shropshire for a number of years.

The Authority is also seeking views on proposals to improve the provision of Officer Cover during periods of peak activity as well as during national and regional emergencies.

The public is being asked to "make themselves heard" by completing an on line questionnaire at www.shropshirefire.gov.uk to comment on the proposals. Paper versions are available from the fire service on 01743 260200.

"We are continuing to improve our fire and rescue service by ensuring that our firefighters are in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment to reduce the risk to the people of Shropshire", said Chief Fire Officer Alan Taylor.

"It is only by listening to the people of Shropshire that we will be able to continue providing the level and quality of service they expect and deserve from their fire and rescue service."

Councillor Stuart West, the Fire Authority Chairman, said

"The new proposals, if adopted, will reduce still further the distress caused by fire and other emergencies in Shropshire. This is part of the Fire Authority's continuing drive to make sure its resources are used in the most effective way, and to continually improve the service we give to the people of Shropshire and Wrekin.

We want to make sure that the people of Shropshire have every opportunity to understand the issues and enable them to feedback their comments," he said.

The deadline for public consultation is November 12.
21st August, 2007