Horse rescue training pays off

The helpless horse was spotted by a passer by.

Fire Control received a call at 8am from a passerby who came across a horse that was stuck in the Strine Brook near Newport. Crews were sent from Newport, Telford and specially trained large animal rescue personnel from Wellington.

After an assessment of the situation a vet was requested to attend to assist with sedation of the horse so that firefighters could perform the rescue safely and with minimal distress to the horse.

Crews used recently purchased large animal rescue equipment which all the whole-time firefighters at Wellington station have had intensive training to use. The horse was successfully rescued from the brook and handed over to an RSPCA officer as an owner was not present.

12 months ago Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service purchased a Rescue Training Mannequin horse (named Bulls-eye) which is designed to operate in a ‘real world’ training environment. With its fully articulated head, neck, and limbs it permits him to be used in a wide variety of rescue situations.

SFRS believe that their crews having awareness of both animal and human behavior - supported by suitable animal rescue equipment and training improves safety and the outcomes for all present at the scene of an incident.

Photo split in half showing a training exercise and the actual rescue, the photos are very similar

Firefighters training using 'Bulls-eye' in the top shot, and the actual rescue below

1st July, 2013